This is Joha

My name is Joha and I’m a young mother, aged 21 years old. My husband and I live in Sydney, Australia and we have a one year old son, Elijah.

I love being a mother - the good and the bad times

I enjoy the days when I’m up early in the morning (earlier than my baby for a change) and have the time to prepare the perfect breakfast. It’s a wonderful feeling to watch two of the people I love the most in this world, devouring their first meal of the day, while I enjoy a nice cup of tea and listen to the sound of birds singing outside.

Then there are the not so good days, when I’m woken up by the sound of a screaming little baby that’s not feeling so well and I cook a not so perfect breakfast and serve it up with half burnt toast.

As a mother my mind is constantly running at full speed and I’m usually thinking of what else is on the endless list of things that I have to do. Sometimes I forget to calm down, take a break and enjoy life but thankfully, that’s where my husband comes in and provides his love and support.

When I was younger, I always thought that the notion of motherhood was easy but as a child myself, there was no way I could possibly understand the amount of sacrifice and strength that comes with being a mother. We endure positive and negative experiences and I cherish all of them. The positive moments are a blessing and a reward and the negative ones are also a blessing, as they offer a chance to learn something, so I can better myself and our lives.

Moments of self growth are what I find the most challenging in motherhood. In these moments I make important decisions to draw the line and consciously choose to change for the better.

I am a young mother and since having my son, I’ve needed to make decisions as an adult - as a mother. I am no longer just looking after myself. I have to think in favour of my husband and my son. For a person who has always enjoyed being alone with my personal space, it can be a challenge to finally create a life for myself where solitude will never be an option. I found comfort in time with myself as a child and that became a way of life for me. So breaking that way of living has become my challenge for now.

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