Does your brand represent, though?

Ask yourself this: Does the brand that you own, work for or buy from take diversity, representation and inclusion seriously?

All types of mothers are raising all types of children, yet millions of brands are ignoring their very existence.

The world is a melting pot of diversity but just a handful of the world’s biggest brands are actively working on reflecting that diversity in their own company culture, marketing strategies and creative campaigns. An alarming number of companies, big and small, haven’t given the DRI-Factor any thought at all and it shows. The blatant lack of diversity can often be insulting as you’re constantly faced with non-diverse communications and marketing materials.

For those who are not marginalized themselves, it’s not always easy to notice this damaging reality. We would like to show you an example of what this neglect of representation can look like.

Racial diversity in baby brand marketing

We took a closer look at the last 30 Instagram posts from 10 of the world’s leading baby brands.

We looked at the images featuring people, the number of those that showed racial diversity and then the number of those diverse faces that were dark in complexion vs light in complexion.

The results were quite sobering:

Out of THE MOST RECENT 250 GLOBAL BABY BRAND postS ON INSTAGRAM (featurING PEOPLE), 215 SHOWED WHITE FACES. only 35 images showed diverse faces & 29 of those showed non-white faces with light complexions, while just 6 featured non-white faces with dark complexions.

  • 86% of the images featured white babies and parents

  • 12% of the images featured non-white babies and parents with light complexions

  • 2% of the images featured non-white babies and parents with dark complexions


Michelle Gibbs