Do you see it?

If you are consistently well represented and never marginalized, it can be difficult to notice the bias that occurs in the most basic of everyday processes and activities. However, until we all recognise it, we won’t be able to change it.

Here’s a little something that we hope begins to start making things more obvious for us all:

Last year I got married. As I made preparations for my special day, I, like 99% of brides-to-be, started to use the internet for idea curation. I wanted to find some inspiration for hairstyles but as I typed in my Google search… wedding hairstyles for black bride… I suddenly realised something; for many of my white friends, they would never have to prefix or suffix their Google search with their race. For me and other people of colour, it’s mandatory, in order to see results that are relevant to us.

Miggy, Founder, All Our Mothers

And of course, it doesn’t end with wedding hairstyles and race. In the context of motherhood, many types of mother are often left in the sidelines.

Please take a look at the following examples of some of Google’s recurring bias:

Michelle Gibbs